Miscellaneous provisions

The contents of all information released on the website of VVATT d.o.o. belongs to the company for the purpose of promotion. Whilst the company makes every effort to ensure that data are kept up-to-date, it is not liable for their accuracy. Furthermore, the company and other legal and natural persons involved in the development and upgrade of the website are not liable for any damage resulting from access, application or denial of application of the information released their errors or incompleteness of any kind. The use of the released contents is at your own risk.

All information and photos included on the website of VVATT d.o.o. are subject to authors or intellectual property rights. The documents released on the website of VVATT d.o.o. are the property of the company and can be reproduced only for non-commercial purposes, whereby their property rights must remain preserved (the information should not be rewritten, copied or distributed for commercial purpose). The brands and brands of service appearing on the website are registered brands of VVATT d.o.o. and its exclusive right.

VVATT d.o.o. reserves the exclusive right to change the contents of the website, regardless of the users consent, and is not liable for the consequences derived therefrom.

The website of VVATT d.o.o. may contain technical irregularities and typing errors, therefore we reserve the right to change, correct and improve the information, products, programmes and prices released on our website without prior notice.

VVATT d.o.o. is not liable for temporary website failure.


Confidentiality of personal data

The users data will be handled pursuant to the relevant and current legislation. By the submission of personal data through information and reservation forms, the visitor agrees that VVATT d.o.o. may use the trusted data for the purpose of internal statistics and data processing. The data will not be submitted to third persons and parties with the purpose of their commercial exploitation.

Personal data of the users are kept with VVATT d.o.o. company pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia. If the user does not consent to the personal data protection policy, he/she can indicate this in writing to VVATT d.o.o.

The website of the company contains also the information on its products and services abroad and it is not necessary that those are also available in all locations.

Links to other websites not related to VVATT d.o.o. and the latter has no control over those websites, and therefore cannot be held liable for the receipt and submission of complaints referring to the accuracy of the contents of whatever the website page related to the link or reference and is not liable for the protection of those data.


Final provisions

The prices on the VVATT d.o.o. website include VAT. In the case of dispute, the Court at Kranj is competent and in charge of solving it.